Choosing Peace

When I found myself having broken through yet another low bottom I asked what needed to change? The answer to the question was me. All of me. It started with one letter I received from a dear sister in recovery — whom I am honored to call a friend. It was a letter putting words to my very thoughts. At the end it was our Higher Power shedding Light, and providing the very simple answer to a long agonizing mystery. The answer was I had to learn to Choose Peace. It was all within me all along. But I had to take the action to accept and acknowledge. Once I did, I was unable to see what is now so obvious. Choosing Peace means to choose kindness, to choose acceptance, to choose love. So when I find myself confronted with a choice: 1) I have to ask what would my God do? and 2) what is the loving action here? If I follow those directions, I find that my choice leads to Peace and in turn Love. Sometime quickly and sometimes sloooowwwlllly. 🙏.