Easy does it

Good grief. Six months into this thing round four and once it feels like I am getting traction the wheels come off. We have this principle of attraction versus promotion right? So I guess I have to embody what I want to attract. The opposite or the same concept of what you resist will persist as Eckhart says?

If I continue resisting the hostility, vitriol, meanness then it persists. So if I stop resisting and challenge the energy with kindness and light and ease is that what I attract? The healthier I feel the crazier certain relationships feel. Still trying to navigate through that without mucking things up too bad but I trust in the infinite power and guidance of my HP to get me through.

Easy does it. I don’t have to overthink it. I don’t have to react to the insanity of what is created because it simply is not about me supposedly. Easier said than done. Tonight it will need to be enough. Prayer for a better tomorrow.

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